Vitamin C Skin Benefits: Why This Ingredient Can Help Your Skin

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Here’s a truth bomb for you beauty junkies: Vitamin C is arguably the most important ingredient when it comes to getting gorgeous skin. This natural ingredient is key for protecting your skin from environmental stressors, signs of aging, bad habits, and other unpleasantness we’re faced with on a daily basis.

As an antioxidant, vitamin C helps fight environmental stressors that are everywhere! These factors are a key reason why skin quality tends to degrade over time. You probably know that you consume antioxidants through eating fruits and veggies — but they’re also incredibly important when it comes to keeping your skin in excellent shape.

Here are some of the vitamin C skin care benefits you can expect when using products with this key antioxidant:

  1. Plumps and smooths skin. – Vitamin C helps to plump and rejuvenate the skin, promoting a fresh-faced glow and a smoother looking texture.

  2. Fights signs of aging. – One of the key vitamin C skin care benefits is more youthful looking skin. It helps to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to keep you looking younger, more awake, and refreshed.

  3. Brightens skin. – The antioxidant effect of vitamin C skin care helps to reduce the appearance of discoloration and brighten your skin’s appearance.

  4. Evens skin tone. – Vitamin C is known for its ability to even out your skin tone and improve overall quality and texture.

  5. Reduces appearance of dark spots. – Because it nourishes and brightens your skin, vitamin C also helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots that can develop over time.

  6. Protects against environmental stressors. – Bad stuff is everywhere in the environment, and vitamin C helps to care for your skin with natural botanical defenses.

  7. Strengthens your skin. – Antioxidants are powerful, and vitamin C can help make your skin stronger so it’s better able to withstand the test of time.

  8. Improves texture. – Vitamin C also has exfoliant properties, which means it can improve the overall texture and appearance of your skin.

  9. Softens skin. – Vitamin C skin care also reduces the appearance of dullness and gives your skin a softer, more rejuvenated look.

  10. Softens skin – Due to its exfoliant and cleansing properties, vitamin C can also help remove build up from the surface of your skin and leave it appearing luminous.

The general skin care rule is prevention by day and repair by night, yet Vitamin C falls under both categories. So when is the best time to apply it? Well, ideally both, but if you can only remember to do it once a day - or are savoring your product - pick the morning.


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