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Pigmentation (sun damage & spots/age spots/dark spots)

Ever wondered how beautifully God has crafted our skin? The touch of baby-soft skin is the most coveted feeling in the world! But wait! Ageing and sun damage and stress life and hormonal imbalances just get in the way and your skin gets an uneven tone! Underlying causes lead to the development of pigmentation on your skin and create an uneven skin tone and texture. So let us understand what pigmentation is on the skin in finer detail!

What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is the excess production of melanin which is responsible for the colour of the skin. Pigmentation is characterized by dark spots or patches or even discoloration of the skin. Pigmentation is not a life-threatening condition, but it surely damages the self-esteem of people. The confidence to wear exotic couture is hampered because people tend to hide their pigmentation spots! So if you are noticing similar changes in your skin, it is recommended that you take the reins and start a healthy skincare regime to battle the effects of pigmentation and prevent further degradation of the skin! Pigmentation is not an ailment but a sign of an underlying ailment. Consulting a skincare expert will help you find the underlying cause and prevent further health damage in general.

Types of Pigmentation
  • Hyperpigmentation. The most common form of pigmentation is hyperpigmentation which is caused due to the increase in melanin production. The results of hyperpigmentation are darker skin patches appearing on the skin, making it look uneven and patchy. It can occur in regions or spread to larger extents and usually may cause excess self-consciousness.

  • Sunspots are flat brown spots that may appear on the skin, which is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. They are usually non-cancerous and do not have a life-threatening effect. They can appear on the shoulders or back or, most generally, on the face. The sun damage is more pronounced in clients aged above 40 since the skin starts to lose out on collagen production which can heal the skin.

  • Age spots, also called liver spots in medical terms, are small and flat freckle-like spots on the skin due to the body’s protective mechanism to prevent further sun damage. These freckle-like spots appear on the areas which are most exposed to the sun like the forehead, the upper back, and the back of your hands or the top of your feet. It is visually more obvious for people above the age of 50 but younger people tend to develop them as well, depending on their exposure to the sun. Age spots can occur in groups making them more noticeable even from a distance. People generally cover them up with make-up, but that does not adhere to a permanent solution!

What Causes Pigmentation?

Sunspots are caused due to prolonged exposure to the sun. It is usually more prominent in people who miss out on using sunscreens during exposure to the sun. Sunspots are more visible as the skin starts to age.

Age spots or liver spots are caused due to overactive pigment cells. The melanin pigment absorbs the harmful UV rays of the run, which speeds up its production. This leads to increased pigmentation. Age spots are found in regions where the sun rays have caused clumping up of melanin or production of melanin in high concentration.

Preventive Care for Pigmentation.

To avoid sun spots and sun damage, you must avoid direct exposure to the sun at all costs! Never walk out in the sun without wearing proper sunscreen. Switching to products with the correct amount of SPF is a great way to deal with sun damage. Tanning beds are a source of prolonged sun exposure. One must not adhere to the use of tanning beds as they cause irreversible damage to the skin. You can also cover your skin with light fabrics to prevent the direct rays from hitting your skin. Sun spots are not life-threatening, but it can cause visible discomfort to the clients and hamper their self-esteem!

Age spots also require similar preventive measures to be followed. It includes using cosmetics that are enriched with the right amount of SPF to cover up your skin with breathable fabric when outdoors to avoid direct sunlight impact on your skin.

Treatments for Pigmentation
  • IPL Laser- Sunspots are tackled using an Intense light pulse (IPL) by heating and reducing the melanin under focussed light energy. The sessions usually last for 30 minutes, and with repeated sessions, one can notice the visible fading away of the sun spots.

  • Laser Resurfacing- has also proved to be an effective treatment for sunspots and damage. The laser light is targeted at the affected area to replace the damaged skin with healthy skin cells from beneath. Laser resurfacing may require some downtime for recovery.

  • Chemical Peels- work excellently on sun damage and spots! The chemicals used in chemical peel slough off the damaged skin cells, thus revealing spotless and vibrant skin from beneath! Chemical peels are always supplemented with cold compression and numbing medication to counter some discomfort that you may feel during the process.

  • Microdermabrasion- involves the application of an abrasive tip to gently remove the outermost layer of the damaged skin area, followed by the suction of the dirt and debris. The results are beautiful and healthy glowing skin free from any spots or scars!

  • Microneedling- is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in which skin care experts use a very small needle to stimulate your skin to foster the production of collagen. Collagen heals the skin from within and restores the radiance which is lost due to sun damage. The skin also remains taut, and there is clearly a visible reduction of the spots!

  • Medications- Age spots or liver spots are also addressed by skin care experts using similar procedures. To tackle the early signs of liver spots, doctors may recommend the use of some medication enriched with hydroquinone which acts as a natural bleaching agent. They may also be given in complementary with mild steroids or retinol to help the gradual fading away of the spots.

Any clinical treatment which is recommended may cause mild irritation to the skin, but it usually resides within a day or two. Clients are advised to strictly reduce the exposure to sun post-treatment as it may cause adverse effects on the skin leading to permanent damage to the healthy evolving skin cells.

Pigmentation has not been categorized as a life-threatening condition, but it surely does get in the way of your vitality and confidence. Pigmentation causes a loss of confidence and a sense of dissatisfaction when it comes to the choice of apparel. Why should you worry when our clinic promises to deliver astonishing results and post-treatment care?


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