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Laser Hair Removal in Patna

Searching tirelessly for hair reduction methods can be cumbersome and tedious! Alternatives like waxing or shaving aren’t really solutions for hair reduction. Our clinic brings you the breakthrough technological solution for the best laser hair removal in Patna, through the ALMA Soprano Laser Hair Reduction. Laser Hair removal isn’t particularly new since it has been commercialised since the early 2000s by medical aesthetic providers around the world. Laser hair reduction serves to be a win-win situation for both the practitioner and the client. The client gets to experience an overall painless hair reduction session and, most importantly, a quick one! As for the provider, a laser hair reduction session involves the use of precise laser guided smooth technology and a happy customer since unnecessary plucking and threading can be avoided totally. Being faster, a provider can also serve many clients in a day’s work!

Our clinic is equipped with the ALMA Soprano Laser Hair Reduction machine, which works differently than the traditional laser hair reduction technology. The traditional laser hair reduction technology works on the principle of intense pulsed light emission such that the pulse ejects a strong light beam onto the targeted skin, enhancing the melanin-containing hair follicle to absorb the high amount of energy and be destroyed. The traditional approach might have been painful, especially for those people who have melanin-rich skin. But with the ALMA Soprano Laser Hair Reduction Technology, our clients enjoy the best laser hair removal in Patna, which is a painless and therapeutic session at our clinic.

How does the ALMA Soprano Laser Hair Removal System work?

Our skin care experts employ the ALMA Soprano laser applicator by first targeting the skin area where the dermis is heated to a desired temperature level, which defunctions the hair follicle and prevents hair re-growth. This technique makes sure that no damage is caused to dermis repeatedly at a very high average power to have a therapeutic heat build-up. 

The Most Cutting-Edge Technologies! the neighbouring skin tissues. Alma Soprano Lasers has patented this technology for laser hair reduction and has been successfully delivering optimal results to clients. Our clinic is always concerned about using the best technology when it comes to serving our clients! It is no wonder that Alma Soprano Laser Hair Reduction is the best one when it comes to delivering the desired results since it is backed up with the best team of engineers and clinical experts! Enjoy your therapeutic session at our clinic with the ALMA Soprano Laser Hair Reduction Therapy!

Why the need for the ALMA Soprano Laser Hair Reduction Treatment? 

If you have a condition where you search tirelessly for hair reduction methods pretty often, here is the perfect solution for you! Needless to say, booking a waxing session twice a month with your personal beautician and sitting through the painful plucking sessions can be terrifying and time-consuming. Moreover, the desired results last for only about a week since new hair growth soon calls for another appointment around the corner. Another downside to traditional hair reduction methods is the sudden changes in plans, which might lead to embarrassing situations like putting on a bathing suit with unshaven legs or exposing your underarms while they aren’t plucked to the last hair. 

The Soprano Laser Hair Reduction provides you with a safe and painless hair reduction solution. It can target sensitive and intimate skin areas with desired results in a surprising short window of time. Clients with any skin type and tone can opt for this treatment and have smooth skin that lasts longer. The ALMA Soprano Laser Hair Reduction makes sure of client comfort, and so the treatment is virtually painless. 

Before preparing for the ALMA Soprano Hair Reduction Procedure, review the DOs and DONTs.

1. Consult our skin care experts and get yourself physically examined by our dermatologist. Make sure to mention previous medical history and expected results from the procedure. Don’t forget to mention to our skin care experts about any cosmetic injection you might have taken in the last six months. All the information provided is bound by CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY. It is advisable to mention whether you are on any antibiotics since some antibiotics are photosensitive and may lead  to hyperpigmentation in some cases. Our consultant may also go for the patch test 24 hours prior to the Hair Reduction Treatment in order to confirm safety of the client during the actual procedure. 

2. Avoid Tanning. Our skin care experts suggest that tanning can overwhelm your skin during the Laser Hair Reduction therapy. Hence exposing yourself to the sun or artificial tanning agents is not a good option 2 weeks prior to the treatment. 

3. Perfumes or Heavy Cosmetics: The use of perfumes and heavy cosmetics, which may irritate the skin or leave residual irritants, is a strict no-no before the hair reduction treatment. Post-treatment, clients are advised to let the recovery time pass before starting to use these products again.

4. Waxing, dying, bleaching, and threading can be avoided. As a client, if you are already set for the ALMA Soprano Laser Hair Reduction Treatment, you need not bother to get yourself waxed or bleached. Just let the experts work their magic while you enjoy your aesthetic grooming session here at our clinic. 

5. Tattoos must be covered with tape if they happen to be near the targeted skin area since dark tattoos absorb an increased amount of laser energy owing to their special dye and can cause irritation or even burns. 

6. Shaving: You may be advised by our skin care experts to go for a shave prior to the treatment since the majority of experienced practitioners suggest that the shaved tips of the hair make an excellent spot for heating the area much faster. 

During the process and post-treatment care
  • Our clinical experts will equip the client with a protective eye gear to make sure their eyes aren’t exposed to the laser beam at any cost. 
  • The process is virtually pain-free and our clinical team continuously consults with our clients about their comfort. They can adjust the energy levels on the spot as per the clients’ comfort. 
  • The process lasts for about an hour on average, and it mainly depends on the area of the skin to be treated. If clients have minor requirements, the process can even last for a mere 10 minutes. Yes! ALMA Soprano Hair Reduction Technology is super-fast and effective. 

  • Our clients may notice some redness immediately after the treatment, which usually goes away within 24 hours. Clients are recommended to avoid the use of heavy make-up or harsh chemicals immediately after the treatment and allow the cooling period to pass through till all the redness or swelling subsides. 
  • For at least a week to protect the sensitive mild skin from sun damage, apply sunscreen with SPF 30/50 to the treated area. It is important to protect your skin and try not to expose yourself to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. 


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