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GFC Treatment in Patna

Loss of hair can result from genetic conditions or environmental factors. It is looked upon as a worrisome condition and can cause self-confidence to shoot low! But with the advanced hair growth factor therapy, which is a lab-made mix of various growth promoting factors and nutrients to enhance the strength of the hair follicle, you can now say goodbye to the constant trouble of hair loss. GFC treatment in Patna, performed at our clinic, is a hair growth factor therapy that causes neovascularization and cell proliferation, thereby increasing the size of the follicle and finally leading to hair regrowth and simultaneous thickening of the hair as well. Growth factor therapy uses many concentrated and additional growth factors and boosters. The time for the procedure is extremely negligible and takes roughly 10 minutes. It does not require any anaesthesia or downtime recovery period. Hair growth factors are already proven for their efficacy and safety. The client does not need to provide self-blood or any blood tissue to process the growth factor since it is entirely processed in the lab. One session every 3 to 4 weeks and cumulatively, 8 sessions are enough on an average to regain the full capacity of the hair growth.

How does the growth factor work?

The best hair growth treatment in Patna, provided at our clinic, makes use of growth factors derived from plant-based enzymes that are infused onto the scalp to promote hair growth. Plant growth factors are resistant to free radical attack and can trigger the growth of human mesenchymal cells. Lots of in vitro research has been conducted to prove the efficacy of plant derived compounds, also known as Phyto compounds.

If our therapist sees the need for the client’s own cells for the fostering of hair growth, then in that case, blood cells may be collected from the client and a concentrated growth factor is made in a dedicated laboratory to offer superior natural results. Using the client’s own growth factors, dramatic results may be visible within 3 to 4 sittings and is considered an advanced hair regrowth treatment. 

The Magic behind Growth Factor Therapy

Human growth is highly dependent on environmental factors and faces a challenge to keep up with the rapid changes around us. Plants, on the other hand, are highly adaptive to environmental changes and can resist stunted growth owing to their growth factors. These growth factors utilized in GFC treatment in Patna are obtained in specially dedicated laboratories since they retain their potency for a long time. These suitable growth factors are then injected onto the scalp of the client, which replenishes the scalp with essential nutrients and fosters hair regrowth. Our skin care experts first clean the scalp with a scalp cleanser and then apply the hair growth factor.

It is then infused into the scalp using a special device called the derma roller, which is rolled over the scalp to facilitate the penetration of the growth factors into the scalp. The treatment roughly takes 10 to 20 minutes based on the targeted area of the treatment. 

Growth factors obtained from a client’s cells are enriched with various growth promoting agents. The concentrate is applied over the scalp of the client using precise tools and specialists. This procedure is virtually painless and time-tested for safety and efficacy.

Benefits of Growth Factor Therapy for Hair Loss

Growth factor therapy, the best hair growth treatment in Patna, is a cutting-edge technological advancement in the field of cosmetology and it delivers dramatic results to those who suffer from the constant issue of hair loss along with societal pressure to seek hair growth options.

  • Growth Factor therapy has been time-tested for its high efficacy and safety. 
  • It promotes the natural regrowth of hair by replenishing growth factors in the scalp. 
  • Studies conducted show there is a significant increase in the hair count and the treatment also thickens the hair. 
  • The growth factor prepared from the client’s cells is proven to be safe and tested and very effective. 
  • The hair growth factor therapy is virtually painless and does not pose a risk of inflammation or infection. 
  • The treatment reduces hair fall visibly and fosters the rejuvenation of the hair follicle.
  •  The hair volume is considerably increased. 
  • The hair grafts are strengthened by the growth factor therapy.

Should I opt for Hair Growth Factor Therapy?

The Growth Factor therapy for hair loss is an excellent solution for people who are facing the early signs of baldness or alopecia. Our clinic experts will first go through a thorough scalp examination to ensure that the results are as expected. They will also plan a schedule for the successive sessions required at stated intervals to get the best results out of the therapy. Our clinic experts ask how long you've had hair loss, because people who have had hair loss for less than 5 years are ideal candidates for growth factor therapy. 

What are the after effects of the growth factor therapy?

The visible results after growth factor therapy are noticed within 3 to 4 weeks post treatment. The density of the hair is approximately increased by 30% to 40% after six to eight sessions of treatment. The session chart is formed by our skin care experts. They also provide our clients with additional supplements based on requirements and candidate hair profiles. 

Post Treatment Care

Our skin care experts brief our clients with all possible "Dos and Don’ts" after the hair growth therapy. Some general advice which is expected to be followed by the clients is listed:

  • Combing or touching the hair must be avoided for at least a day. 
  • Excessive or profuse sweating from the scalp should be avoided for at least a week post-treatment.
  • Our clinic experts will recommend the use of special suited shampoos and clients are advised not to use any hair products other than the ones recommended to avoid any altercations after the treatment.
  • Our clinic experts will recommend the use of some medication based on the client’s hair profile and requirements. These restrictions are based entirely on the clients and can vary from one person to another.

We believe in our clinic, the client is given top priority and our skin care experts work entirely to deliver the best results to our clients.

Growth Factor Therapy for Hair Loss is an extremely beneficial treatment for the hair since it fosters the hair growth naturally with the use of either plant-based growth factors or the client’s own cell-based growth factors. They stimulate the regrowth of hair and have a long-lasting effect as well! It improves the hair count, the hair thickness, reduces the bald patches and is completely risk-free! The hair growth factor therapy has not been known to cause any side effects and is a non-surgical treatment. If you have been searching for solutions to get rid of the tiresome hair fall condition, it is time you try out the Growth Factor Therapy at our clinic and see the visible results for yourself! 


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