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Helios Q switch NDYAG 

The Helios Q-switch ND-YAG laser is one of the most revolutionary and advanced ND_YAG lasers which provides dramatic outcomes for the treatment of pigmentation, tattoo removal, and melasma. Our clinic provides you with the ultimate cutting-edge technology of the NDYAG laser! The Helios laser targets chromophore or melanin and is used extensively to immobilise the pigment functionality and reduce pigmented lesions in the skin. It can be used for selective melanin treatment without causing any damage to the neighbouring tissues or cells. As a result, the laser exposure time is reduced, and tissue damage is avoided.

What can the Helios Q-Switch do for our clients?

The revolutionary Helios Q-Switch NDYAG machine is a versatile laser treatment machine that can be used to address a number of skin-related issues, which are listed as below:

  • Melasma is a common skin problem due to which dark and discoloured patches develop on your skin. Women are more prone to developing melasma than men. Helios Q-Switch NDYAG has been known to treat melasma effectively. This laser treatment helps to lighten and clear the pigmentation along with the acne marks on the skin. It focuses a light beam which breaks down the pigments that are released into the skin and subsequently disposed of by the body. The Helios Q-Switch NDYAG is a safe and effective treatment to deal with pigmented skin lesions. 
  • Tattoo removal is a stubborn and time-consuming task. The Helios Q Switch NDYAG laser is widely considered as the gold standard for the removal of tattoos. They deliver excellent outcomes, genuine predictability, and a very safe profile for tattoo removal. Complete removal of the tattoo is possible using this cutting-edge technology. The laser-tissue interaction is seen during tattoo removal when giant pulses are generated by the Helios Q-Switch NDYAG Laser Machine. The QS Lasers help in the dissolution of the tattoo pigments upon impact. 
  • Triple toning is possible with the revolutionised machine. The Q-switch laser uses a beam of light to break down the pigments which are subsequently released and disposed of by our body, thus revealing a clear, even-toned skin. The lightening of the skin and clearing of the pigment is an effective solution provided by the Q-Switch laser machine and is a popular option of treatment for many. It offers a fairer and smoother skin devoid of uneven pigmentation and large pores. 
  • Carbon peel is a marvellous technique of introducing a light coat of carbon onto the skin and then subsequently radiating a blast of laser to remove the carbon along with makeup deposits, blocked pores, blackheads, and oil remnants. This gives the skin a touch of radiance and glow and rejuvenates the skin, making it look youthful and smooth! The pore size is reduced and the fine lines and wrinkles fade away. Collagen production is stimulated and the skin looks lustrous and shiny! 
  • The Helios Q-Switch NDYAG can be effective against the removal of birthmarks and nail fungus too. The Helios Q Switch NDYAG laser device can be calibrated as per requirements to treat the particular issue. The calibration is totally based on the client's skin issue to be treated and the intensity of the treatment required. Our clinicians conduct a thorough examination to ensure our clients can get the desired results in the least number of sessions and sittings. 
  • Our clinicians express that the Helios Q-Switch NDYAG laser machine is very convenient to use. The clients experience no discomfort or irritation during the whole procedure, so the application of numbing gel is not required. The clients seem to enjoy the therapeutic session with the NDYAG laser treatment. The results are immediate and instant. The best feature of the treatment is the zero-downtime recovery period. Clients are able to continue their daily activity on the day of the treatment itself. 

The whole procedure is very quick, and the immediate glow is visible. Some clients may notice some redness just post-treatment. It usually subsides within an hour. Use of heavy cosmetics or exfoliating agents on the treated area is strictly prohibited as it causes skin irritation and allergic reactions. The Helios Q-Switch NDYAG is also capable of tackling other skin issues like dark eye circles and lip pigmentation. 

What makes the Helios Q-Switch NDYAG stand out from the other laser treatment devices is the provision of the special thermal lens compensator. 

This provision of the lenses ensures that the client does not undergo any skin damage. The Helios Q-Switch NDYAG is able to maintain a stable energy level with a uniform beam, which prevents the cells from being damaged even if the treatment time is taking longer than usual. Our clinicians take care of safety and efficient outcomes. They are board-accredited and licensed medical practitioners who promise to deliver to you a skin which you love to flaunt and a skin which boosts your self-esteem and confidence!

The Helios Q Switch NDYAG was developed by the most advanced laser surgeons in the world. It is a gold-standard machine that has an extra dedicated fractional mode for treating stubborn pigmentation. Clinicians can also treat tattoos with different colours using this highly precise and advanced technology. 

The sessions are highly economical, and our clinic believes in delivering the best results to our clients! So, if you are looking for flawless, radiant skin and want to fight the signs of ageing, our clinic might just be the best place to drop in! While you relax during our session, our aestheticians will work their magic and restore your youthful, glowing skin without any hassle and without taking a laborious day! This fast and effective method of addressing your skin issues is all that you need from your visit to our clinic! So, if you have tried numerous tricks and tips to try to remove the stubborn tattoo ink which just does not seem to fade away or you are tired of battling with the unavoidable signs of ageing like loose skin, large pores, patchy and dark spots, uneven skin tone and texture, we have the most advanced treatment for you! You'll have glowing, youthful skin in minutes! It is a must-try treatment which is widely popularised for its instant results and efficacy.


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