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Vitiligo Treatment in Patna

Equipped with the advanced technology of the Excimer Laser, 308 nanometre wavelengths, our clinic provides our clients with the best vitiligo treatment in Patna, a painless solution to get rid of the unpigmented patches on their skin.

Vitiligo Explained

Defined as a skin condition, not a disease, vitiligo causes patches of skin to lose their pigment, known as melanin, which adds colour to the skin. It usually begins with a patch of skin fading into paleness and gradually turning into complete whiteness. It can affect any part of the skin, and the radius of spread is also undetermined. Vitiligo can be segmental or non-segmental. Very rare cases of universal vitiligo have been observed where the whole body is affected. The reasons which cause vitiligo may vary from genetic conditions to the alleged use of neurochemicals which stimulate the release of chemicals from the nerve endings which are poisonous to the melanocyte skin cells, leading to segmental vitiligo. Non-segmental vitiligo is a cause of autoimmune conditions where the immune system of the body cannot work efficiently and ends up destroying the body’s healthy cells and tissues. Exposure to some chemicals, sunburns, and mechanical trauma are some environmental factors that can also be the underlying cause of vitiligo. 

The Excimer Laser Treatment for Vitiligo

The Excimer Laser, an effective vitiligo treatment in Patna used at our clinic is an FDA approved treatment for vitiligo. It is a wonder technology as it emits a monochromatic wavelength and induces a photobiological effect. It can deliver a higher fluence to the depigmented lesions selectively without interfering or damaging the uninvolved or healthy skin. It demonstrates a significant improvement of 70 to 80 percent. The time duration for one session may range from half an hour to over an hour depending on the skin area covered and the intensity of the treatment needed. It has almost a zero recovery period since many can resume their normal work on the same day itself. The handheld manoeuvrable device makes the treatment very simplistic and the skin care experts can include the skin of the genitals, ears, nose, and oral mucosa without much hassle. The painless technology of the Excimer Laser for vitiligo is aimed at delivering not just patch-free skin but also confidence to the clients and helping them wear their skin naturally.   

Pre-Treatment Care 

Our skin care experts treat our clients with the utmost priority. Our clinic makes sure that client comfort is maintained throughout the excimer laser treatment, the best vitiligo treatment in Patna.

  • Clients are advised to consult our skin care expert and get an insight into the Excimer Treatment overview. Based on the overview, our skin care expert will fix an appointment and enlighten you with the overall outline of the Excimer treatment, the number of sessions needed, the medication required after treatment, and any temporary side effects during or after the treatment. Our clinic believes in delivering the desired results to our clients without any hassle!
  • While arriving for the Excimer Laser Treatment, our clients are advised to avoid any heavy moisturiser, cosmetics, lotion, oil, or cream application as the skin should be clean and dry. 
  • Our clinical experts will provide the clients with protective eye gear to wear during the excimer treatment, and they will also make sure to consult our clients during the process for any signs of discomfort or irritation. 
  • The Excimer Laser treatment does not require any specific preparation from the client's end. After the client puts on the protective eye gear, our clinical experts use the handheld device of the Excimer Laser to target only those cells that need therapy. 
  • The Excimer Laser treatment principle is very simple, and the manoeuvrable device allows treatment of difficult areas such as the nose, genitals, ear, and oral mucosa.
  • The device is calibrated by the experts based on the client's overview of desired results and the intensity of the vitiligo condition on the skin. The treatment duration is also very short and precise since the excimer laser technology is highly advanced. A higher dosage of energy can be delivered to selective lesions on the skin to achieve higher efficacy and a faster response.
  • The overall treatment is convenient for both ends- the client and the skin care experts. 

Vitiligo can be seen as a daily problem which disrupts the societal harmony of the affected. Our clinic provides you the best vitiligo treatment in Patna with the solution to deal with the issue in the most non-intrusive way possible so that you may feel confident going out carefree.

Post Treatment Care 
  • The Excimer Laser Treatment requires no downtime or recovery period as the clients can resume work immediately after the treatment ends. 
  • Our skin care expert will help you decide the next session, and it is usually advised that the client go for a session on a biweekly basis to achieve the desired results. 
  • The client may notice some redness post the treatment, which eventually fades away within 24 hours. The client may apply any medication or cream as necessary prior to the treatment after notifying our skin care experts. 

  • It is advised that the client make a note of the skin for any rashes or redness on the treated area so that our skin care experts can comprehend the skin's recovery rate efficiently. 
  • Exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided as too much skin exposure can cause sunburn and irritate the treated skin. Our clinical experts may advise our clients to use a recommended sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 30 or 50 to protect their skin from any damage caused by unavoidable sunlight exposure.

In a world of advanced medicine and technology, vitiligo should not stop you from having a smooth, carefree life! Bothered about the white faded patches on your skin and worried that they will hamper your social image, our clinic provides you with a one-stop solution! Our clinical experts and laser specialists will deliver you the desired results within the required sessions so that you feel confident in your skin. The myth that Vitiligo has no cure has faded away long ago, and the Excimer Laser Treatment is a well-proven technological wonder that brushes off the myth.


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