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The smooth flow of life is often left in roller coaster rides when any allergic reaction flares up. Whether it is because of the application of cosmetics or putting on fabric that does not comply with your skin, rashes are the most unwanted reaction one likes to carry! These reactions are not at all welcome and can interfere with the daily work life of many people. But before you proceed to get your urticaria treated, there are a few key points about the ailment that one must know! You should be aware of the triggers of urticaria so that you can avoid them at all costs. Understanding the condition will help the patient cooperate and ensure you get the best treatment. This is what our experts believe, who are known for providing the best urticaria treatment in Patna.

What is Urticaria?

Urticaria is also termed as hives or wheals and is typically an itchy rash that appears on the skin. It may be restricted to a small portion of the body or spread across more areas. Urticaria is a self-resolving rash that fades away within a day or two but may need medical intervention if it extends beyond a certain threshold. Chronic hives may last for more than two months. Chronic hives are uncomfortable and painful and may cause disturbance in the daily course of life if not treated within a certain scope of time. People suffering from urticaria are often prescribed antihistamines to relieve them of the pain and discomfort.

Symptoms of Urticaria

Urticaria appears as rashes on the body and can be identified from the following symptoms.

  • Painful swelling around the eye or cheeks. They can even occur on the lips.
  • Painful itching rashes, which cause great discomfort.

  • The sizes of the rashes can vary from small botches to large spreads.
  • The rashes can change in size or position. They may come and go in repetition.
  • The rashes differ in colour from red, purple, or skin colour.
  • The rashes are triggered by exposure to sweat, heat, or stress.
  • If the symptoms persist for more than two months.
Types of Urticaria

Urticaria may be categorised into two types. Acute urticaria and chronic urticaria.

Acute urticaria resolves by itself. It resolves within a time frame of six weeks. It also responds to antihistamines to relieve the client from discomfort, swelling, and redness in the affected area.

Chronic urticaria is rarer in number but needs medical intervention to relieve the client from discomfort. It persists for years with the repeated occurrence, a sign of chronic ailment.

What can Trigger Urticaria?

Urticaria is caused by the body’s natural defence mechanism to flare up, especially with the release of histamines. Histamine causes swelling of the blood vessels and can even cause them to open in the affected area of the skin and become leaky. This extra fluid causes the tissue to swell up and cause irritation to the skin. Allergy may be triggered as a reaction to certain foods or insect bites. Drinking excess alcohol or caffeine can also worsen the flare up. Clients are advised to avoid exposure to warm temperatures or emotional stress when the allergy kicks in, as these may worsen the symptoms. Rubbing fabric against the skin can also cause discomfort in the affected area. Clients are advised to stick to loose-fitting fabric if the reaction is affecting their skin.

Complications of Urticaria

Urticaria is not life-threatening unless the clients experience sudden dizziness or are under anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe adverse reaction that may cause trouble in breathing and coordination of the human body. It is an emergency, and medical intervention is necessary in that case. Symptoms of anaphylaxis are swelling of the tongue, lips, mouth, and throat, trouble breathing, and added dizziness.

Diagnosis of Urticaria

The medical experts examine the rash by visual inspection first. They may also inquire about the recent food intake or lifestyle habits which may cause the flare up. The clinical doctors try to find the reason for the flare up. You may be recommended to undergo some reaction tests to understand the nature and extent of the evolving rashes. If the urticaria persists for more than six weeks, it is unlikely to return any result in the allergy test, and it may be a sign of chronic urticaria.

Usually, for chronic urticaria, our medical experts suggest a full blood count test to determine the underlying cause of the ailment.

Treatment for Urticaria

Urticaria usually does not require severe medical intervention as they resolve on their own. The rashes fade away on their own within a few days. If the allergy causes discomfort or pain then you might need treatment. Our best urticaria treatment in Patna includes prescribing some over-the-counter drugs like antihistamines to counter the allergic discomfort for immediate pain relief. In case of a severe allergy break out of urticaria, you may also be prescribed some steroid tablets containing corticosteroids to calm down the extreme effects of the rashes. Our skin specialists are experts in identifying the underlying causes of the flare up and suggest you the potential triggers for the same.

The potential dangers of urticaria are minimal unless it triggers anaphylaxis, in which case you must visit emergency care for immediate life-saving treatments. But in the longer run, it is advisable to seek consultation for better results and avoid the possibility of future flare ups. Our skin care experts have treated clients with urticaria and have the relevant expertise to cater to the needs of your skin.

Everyone should have a smooth flow of life, and urticaria should not stop you from enjoying that. These unwanted rashes can cause a decline in self-esteem and may often lead you to hide over-the-top cosmetics, causing more harm than good! The skin is an essential organ of our existence; we radiate vibrance and confidence through that! These rashes can cause mental and emotional anxiety in our busy lives! Nobody wants that! Although the underlying causes of chronic urticaria are still under-explored, our medical experts have been successful in diminishing the effects of the rashes and delivering promising results to our clients suffering from allergic reactions.

Confidence and vibrancy is the key to a successful life! So, if you feel your symptoms corroborate with the symptoms of urticaria. It is time you trust the magic of our medical experts who provide the best urticaria treatment in Patna. You can be rest assured that your flares are going to disappear in the long run and give you that flawless skin you always wanted.


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