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Body Polish

If you have ever skimmed through the clinical menus for luxurious and relaxing services, then body polishing is the number one green tick on that list! There is nothing as soothing and relaxing as a body polishing service from top to toe by our skin care professionals! Cosmetical procedures might intimidate you since you might be unaware of what happens during the process. But body polishing is worth giving a shot even if you do not have any intentions of undergoing other skin care treatments!

What is Body Polishing?

Perhaps the best service one can expect to get while visiting our clinic is that of body polishing. It is sometimes called a ‘facial for the body’ by our skincare experts. Even the most well-maintained self-care skin routine cannot guarantee you overall satisfaction when it comes to wanting that ultimate smooth and soft skin. Body polishing involves the application of natural exfoliating agents onto your skin and gently massaging them all over using practised and skilled hand techniques to release your tensed-up muscles meanwhile scrubbing off your dead cells. Results? Shiny, smooth skin full of radiance and glow. During body polishing, our skincare experts may add some essential oils to the scrubbing agent to rejuvenate your skin and give you better results! Body polish is always the most coveted service of any clinic because the massage tends to relax our clients, and it works as a stress-buster!

Moreover, the takeaway from the entire body polishing works on duality! It gives you cherished soft, supple skin as well as a very relaxing massaging therapy. The massaging techniques relieve clients who may be suffering from pain due to muscle rigidity. Body polishing not only restores soft, vibrant skin but also frees up nerve endings and constricted movements.

What are the Benefits of Body Polishing?

Body polishing is a non-invasive skin care therapy wherein the medical expert applies a body scrub which is a natural exfoliator and gently strokes it across your body to help remove the dead cell build-up. The dead cells are accumulated over prolonged time along with dust and dirt which makes the skin look dull. Uneven skin texture results from an unscheduled skin care routine.

It is not possible to self-scrub all over the body with even pressure on a regular basis. The back is especially the most under-served region of the body. During body polishing, our trained experts use natural exfoliators to scrub off the dead cell debris from your body and reveal healthy, silky skin beneath! The healthy cells are brought to light, and the skin health is boosted. Our clients can see visible improvement in their skin appearance and texture.

The invigorating session results in multiple benefits:

  • Freeing up Your Mind! Body polishing is simply a reset button for all the worries that you may harbor in your mind! Being termed as the most relaxing service on the menu of any clinic or spa, body polishing indulges in trained massaging of the body with exfoliators which frees your mind by simply refreshing it! Our clients experience a fresh burst of energy and enthusiasm in addition to flawless glowing skin!

  • Destressing Your Body! Body polishing is executed by trained professionals who are well-versed in the field of hand massaging techniques to de-clog your body. Our clinic aestheticians have undergone numerous training and are undoubtedly the best in town! So all you need to do is hop in and let our skin care experts work the magic while you enjoy a relaxing session of body polishing!

  • Rejuvenated Skin: Body Polishing is an ultimate skin exfoliator! The natural exfoliating agent works wonderfully to deliver to you an even skin tone and texture. The pores are rendered free from any clogs and the accumulated dead cell debris is gently stroked off from your body.

Types of Body Polishing Therapies for Glowing Skin:
  • Himalayan Salt Scrub: This body polish includes the use of Himalayan pink salt or sea salt for purifying the skin. Our skin care experts suggest that clients with sensitive skin should not undergo the Himalayan salt scrub body polish. The Himalayan crystals are considered the purest salt crystals on the earth and they tend to replenish the skin with essential nutrients while optimally balancing the skin health.

  • Coconut Sugar Scrub: Sugar has humectants which are a great way to hydrate the skin. Paired with coconut oil, it acts as a nourishing agent to make the body glow and restore moisture to the skin. Coconut sugar scrub helps in facilitating circulation, which stimulates skin health! Coconut sugar scrub does not strip your skin of its natural oils. It maintains the suppleness of the skin!

  • Coffee Scrub: Coffee scrub is an excellent exfoliator for cellulite and tan. It is sometimes paired with coconut oil to nourish and moisturize the skin and prevent dryness. The coffee body polishing is good for reducing puffiness in the skin.

  • Oatmeal Scrub: Oatmeal scrub has been considered an ideal body polish type for soothing sensitive skin, especially for clients who suffer from atopic dermatitis. Oatmeal and milk scrubs are great because they help in moisturizing and calming dry and irritated skin. Oatmeal baths are also a great way to calm dry and itchy skin!

  • Korean Body Scrub: Korean body scrub is very popular in Korea. Our clinic gives our clients to enjoy a relaxing session of Korean body scrub right here at our clinic. This involves soaking the skin in warm water while scrubbing with a mitten called Italy Towel. The Korean body scrub improves overall blood circulation along with reducing water weight and cellulite. The toxins and wastes accumulated on the skin are also washed off after exfoliation. This body polish gives you amazingly soft skin!

  • Rice Scrub: Rice scrub is deployed as a combination of rice bran and rice powder with rice bran oil. It helps to nourish and brighten dull, dry skin. Rice powder is known to have an extremely soft texture which removes excess oil from the body and makes the skin look vibrant and polished.

The Takeaway:

People are always scared to try out new skincare treatments since they are unaware of the procedures and what they may experience during the therapy. Body polish is one of the most relaxing services one can opt for while rendering skin care treatments. Known to be very simplistic yet highly effective, body polishing gives you numerous benefits under one roof! You don’t get ravishing smoother skin but also a very relaxing session to free up your mind and body from worldly worries and stress. It is worth every second of your time!


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