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MNRF Treatment in Patna

Feeling like your acne scars or fine lines are eroding your confidence? Through MNRF Vivace, our clinic offers the best MNRF treatment in Patna by using revolutionary FDA-cleared skin therapy! Now, say goodbye to the stretch marks and skin blemishes and be confident in your skin at any time of the day!

About the Vivace MNRF Technology:

The Vivace MNRF is a skin rejuvenation technology that combines the latest generation of micro-needling technology with radio frequency, which helps in effectively reducing fine lines, scars, stretch marks and other skin blemishes. MNRF Vivace is a proven non-intrusive skin tightening procedure that also uses LED light therapy to lift and firm mild skin sagging, restoring an overall smooth, plumper and youthful skin that boosts your self-confidence!  

Vivace stands unique compared to other micro needling technologies. It uses integrated radio frequency energy to accelerate collagen production and enhance skin tightening. The LED light soothes the inflammation and speeds up the healing time. The Vivace MNRF is equipped with special gold-tipped needles that create invisible microchannels in the skin that pave the way for supplying the nutrient serums to the targeted area during the treatment. These serums nourish your skin with essential nutrients that boost the rebuilding of collagen and elastin, ultimately giving you a skin you love to feel and show! 

Not sure whether you need it or not?

Our clinic experts suggest you go for the Vivace MNRF Skin Rejuvenating Therapy if you are suffering from the list of problems explained as follows:

  • If you have outbursts of acne or acne scars 
  • Fine lines or wrinkles damage the texture of your skin and cause skin-sagging

  • Uneven tone and texture due to pollution, excess exposure to the sun or ageing
  • Large open pores that collect excess oil and cause visible damage to your skin's smoothness
  • The contour of your skin is uneven and rough, causing patchy and blotchy skin texture
  • Dull or blemished skin with the lack of natural lustre

You don’t need to worry about your skin issues anymore! The above listed issues are the most common skin problems suffered by many due to environmental and biological factors which are beyond our control! But with the Vivace MNRF Skin Rejuvenating Treatment, you can have access to your natural, lustrous and silken smooth skin without any pain or downtime! 

Before the Treatment:

Vivace MNRF is a very simple and painless treatment and does not require any special pre-treatment preparation. Our clinic experts advise that before the treatment, you should avoid the use of any Retin-A products and limit your exposure to the sun three days prior to the day of the skin rejuvenating treatment for effective results that not just replenish your skin tone and texture but also boost your confidence to flaunt your natural glowing skin. So simply arrive at the clinic with gently cleansed skin and allow our skin experts to work their magic and provide you with a revolutionary skin transformation!

The Simplistic VIVACE MNRF Procedure:

Practically a painless and safe treatment to begin with, the VIVACE MNRF skin rejuvenating experts will clean your skin with a mild cleanser to get rid of any dust or oil secretions on your skin, followed by a numbing cream approximately 30 minutes prior to the treatment. The Vivace MNRF has a handheld device that is placed over the targeted skin. The skin care experts first analyse your skin tone and texture and calibrate the device accordingly for the best results.

The unique gold-tips help in creating microscopic openings in the skin and stimulate the collagen formation as well as the production of skin-tightening agents’ hyaluronic acid and elastin. A soothing gel or mask is applied immediately after the treatment to help cool the skin and minimise any redness that may arise during the treatment. 

The superfine needles of Vivace MNRF are robotically assisted, and therefore the mechanism is extremely precise and the results are exceptional! The built-in LED light minimises the post treatment redness as well. 

Post Treatment Skin Care

Our clinic experts suggest that after treatment, you should wait for a day or two before applying cosmetics or make-up, though most feel confident flaunting their natural skin post treatment. It is highly advisable that you apply a broad-spectrum SPF after the Vivace MNRF treatment to protect your fresh, rejuvenated skin from the sun. This feature of Vivace MNRF, which requires practically no downtime, makes it unique and a preferable option for skin rejuvenation. 

People with a darker skin tone find it challenging to opt for a skin resurfacing treatment, mainly due to the peeling of the skin, which can cause permanent skin pigmentation changes. Vivace MNRF introduces natural skin resurfacing using unique gold-tipped needles with built-in LED lights! So, say goodbye to the harsh heat and peeling technology for accessing silky smooth skin and having natural, youthful skin with the Vivace MNRF Skin Rejuvenating Treatment at our clinic.

Exceptional Results

If you are suffering from acne spots or stretch marks and have expended both your energy and resources trying to find the right solution just to feel confident in your skin, well, you are at the right place now! Our clinical experts have just about the optimal treatment for you to say goodbye to finding ways to hide your scars! The collagen building power booster of micro needling coupled with radio frequency helps to strengthen and improve the texture of stretch marked skin and addresses key issues like skin blemishes, wrinkles, large pores, and loose and patchy skin. Vivace MNRF can also rejuvenate the skin tone and texture of your hands and neck too! Experience the Vivace Skin Treatment here at our clinic!

Time for the Process and Sessions

The average number of sessions needed for flawless, smooth, and soft skin may be as few as three! The Vivace MNRF treatment in Patna, performed at  Dr. Punkesh’s Advance Skin Hair & Laser Clinic, provides smoother, younger-looking skin after just one treatment! With some added sessions post treatment, your skin will be all that you want to flaunt!

you may consult our clinical experts for further sessions till you are satisfied with the results. Our experts suggest that you wait for at least a month before signing up for the next session. Each session requires only about an hour for the full face to be covered.

We advise you to first consult our skin care experts about any pre-existing skin-related issues before undergoing the treatment for better results and skin care! Feel the boost of confidence at our clinic with the breakthrough skin resurfacing technology of Vivace MNRF! 
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