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Do you know that healthy skin lies right under the skin that you see right now? With effective chemical peel treatment in Patna, you can get rid of that upper layer of skin which will reveal healthier and younger looking skin.

About Chemical Peel

Chemical peel, also known as derma peeling or chemo-exfoliation, is one of the most minimally invasive methods of improving the appearance of facial skin.

It's a skin-resurfacing procedure where a chemical solution is applied to remove the upper skin layer. The skin that grows back is healthier & smoother. There are three levels for this procedure – a light chemical peel, a medium chemical peel and a deep chemical peel.

Chemical Peels provide multiple benefits like lightening of blemishes, uneven pigmentation, discolouration and mild scars which results in clearer, brighter and smoother skin. The treatment gives the best results ideally after multiple sittings. Peels provide a combination of mechanical and chemical exfoliation that is more effective than general face washes.

Chemical peel treatment is good for your skin as it helps in shedding damaged and dead skin and grows back a healthier layer of skin. It reduces blemishes, uneven pigmentation, discolouration and acne. Also, it can fix and treat fine wrinkles and scars, leaving you with younger-looking skin.

How does Chemical Peel work?

The best chemical peel treatment in Patna, provided at Dr. Punkesh’s Advance Skin Hair & Laser Clinic, works on the basis of three principals- Exfoliation, Removal of skin imperfections and Regeneration. In its process, chemical peels are applied directly to the skin which removes the outer layer of the skin through chemical activities. But yes, a controlled destruction of epidermis is there to avoid excessive damage to the skin.

Removal of the upper layer leads to the exfoliation and removal of superficial lesions on the skin which is followed by the regeneration of new epidermal & dermal tissues.Different types of chemical peels are:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peels (Lactic acid)
  • Salicylic Acid Peel
  • Retinoic Acid Peel (Yellow Peel)
  • Jessner’s Peel
  • Glycolic acid
  • Black Peel, Party peel, Bio-repeel
  • Cosmelan

Is chemical peel safe?

We ensure a safe chemical peel experience for all our clients. Our specialist will first assess your skin to make sure it is compatible with the treatment. Also, a patch test will be carried out before the treatment to make sure that there are no adverse reactions.

Is it painful?

Professional peels can be performed on the face, hands, neck, chest and even on the arms and legs. The entire procedure is very comfortable with most patients experiencing a warm to hot sensation that may last as long as ten minutes followed by a mild stinging sensation.

Any side-effects?

Chemical Peel treatment may cause skin sensitivity which depends on the skin type and home care regimen. Possible side effects may include scarring, infection and a substantial contrast in colouration of the treated skin.

What results can one expect?

Generally, the deeper the peel, the longer the recovery. Peels are great first line techniques for many conditions and acts as great maintenance in between other treatments. Depending on the type of peel, recovery time can range from minimal with no real “peeling” to a few days of gentle redness and exfoliation. Patients generally see enhanced skin tone and texture with each treatment.

Following any skin peel, it's important to avoid any exposure to the sun. Your new skin is prone to sensitive and susceptible to injury. Always apply a wide spectrum (UVA and UVB blocking) sunblock of minimum SPF15 20 minutes before you go outside. Our team will recommend a proper home skin care treatment program to ensure proper healing.


"Don't you wish to go back to your teenage years and take better care of your skin? All of your prayers to the beautiful skin are answered at Advance Skin Hair & Laser Clinic, Patna. We offer non-surgical cosmetic treatment options like chemical peeling that can help deal with such skin issues."


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