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Triple wavelength diode (Laser Hair removal)

To provide our clients with smooth skin free of unwanted hair, we use cutting-edge technology such as Triple Wavelength diode Laser hair reduction treatment, which is an advanced development of the traditional single wavelength laser hair reduction treatment. The triple wavelength diode laser hair reduction sessions are virtually painless and require no downtime for recovery. Clients are free to resume work on the very same day as the treatment.

What is the Triple Wavelength Diode Laser Hair Reduction Treatment?

The Diode laser removes unwanted hair by emitting a beam of light on the targeted skin area where the pigment-rich melanin absorbs the energy and is rendered nonfunctional and does not allow hair regrowth from the neutralised follicle.The energy of the particle is channelised on to the hair shaft, which effectively leaves the hair follicle redundant without harming or disturbing the surrounding tissues.The diode laser is considered the most effective of all of the commercialised laser wavelength technologies used for hair reduction. The triple wavelength diode laser hair reduction treatment can be used to reduce hair growth from practically any surface on the body, including the face, neck, arms, underarms, abdomen, back, and legs. The triple wavelength diode treatment is used for sensitive skin areas like the chest and the bikini lines as well.   

How does it work?

A triple wavelength diode laser hair reduction treatment involves the use of semiconductor technology that generates a coherent projection of light in the visible to infrared band. It makes use of a light beam with a narrow spectrum to target the specific zones of skin and deliver the optimum results based on the calibration by the practitioner. The triple wavelength diode laser offers the best and deepest penetration levels and enhanced absorption by the melanin. These unique features make the triple wavelength diode laser hair reduction treatment very effective and safe for all skin types and all skin tones, and it can be worked on any part of the body as required.

Our clinical experts also supplement the triple wavelength diode laser hair reduction treatment with additional cooling technology and numbing methods to make sure the client is comfortable throughout the session.

So, in simple terms, the laser energy projected by the diode is targeted at the melanin-rich hair follicle, which after absorbing the heat energy is rendered non-functional and prevents the further re-growth of hair from the follicle without damaging the neighbouring tissues. Most of the hair is permanently reduced and some finer or lighter hair growth may appear, which can be reduced in further sessions.

What to expect during the Process?

To ensure safety during treatment, our clinical experts will provide our clients with protective eyewear. Clients are advised to consult with our clinical team and provide them with the necessary information regarding their medical history, cosmetic injections or fillers, and antibiotics prescribed during the course of treatment or within 6 months prior to the laser hair reduction treatment. The information is analysed by our clinical experts, which helps them to calibrate the Triple Wavelength Diode Laser Hair Reduction Device to deliver the expected results. The area targeted is first shaved to expose the tips of the hair, which results in better working of the treatment since the exposed hair tips help in concentrating the energy beam and channelising it to the hair follicle, which is then rendered non-functional. Our skin care experts give top priority to our client’s safety and comfort, and so they may recommend a numbing gel or agent approximately 30 minutes prior to the treatment to ensure the session is absolutely painless. Additional cooling technology is also deployed to facilitate an effective session. Our skin care experts continuously consult our clients during the course of the treatment for any discomfort-related issues.

Who can opt for the triple wavelength diode laser hair reduction treatment?

Practically anyone who is tired of seeking hair reduction treatments can opt for this treatment as it is a painless treatment. Moreover, research has established the fact that it is a very good option for people with pigment-rich skin. The triple wavelength diode hair reduction technology uses 3 laser wavelengths and combines them into a single handheld device, making it the most comprehensive laser hair reduction treatment.

It works on all skin types, including tanned skin as well. Due to its deep penetration power, it can be used on any skin contour or texture.

So, if you are looking for an option to get rid of that unwanted hair which prevents you from enjoying a carefree life, you are looking at the right place! Our clinical experts suggest that the triple wavelength diode hair reduction treatment is worth every penny and is highly effective in delivering you the smooth skin you lust for!

  • Waxing, threading, plucking, bleaching, and dyeing are strict no-nos prior to the sessions of treatment since they may interfere with the hair follicle itself. Our clinical experts suggest that you use mild cleansers or moisturisers, which will prevent any eruptions or unintended irritation of the skin prior to the treatment.

  • Shave prior to treatment. Shaving helps to expose the hair tips, which are an excellent energy channeliser as they absorb the laser beam and direct it to the hair follicle, which helps in improving the efficacy of the session. 
  • Sun exposure must be avoided. The triple wavelength diode laser hair reduction treatment targets your hair follicles and renders them non-functional by ejecting them with high energy beams. Hence, it is not advisable for our clients to expose their sensitive and treated skin to direct sunlight post the treatment as it may cause skin irritation or redness. Our clinical experts may also suggest a sunscreen to prevent any damage to the newly treated mild skin.
  • A mild moisturiser may be used by the clients to ensure soft, supple skin since laser hair reduction tends to dry up the skin a little. 
  • To ensure your safety and care, our clinical experts will recommend the best moisturisers and post-treatment care routine.


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