Most effective acne pimple treatment

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Acne doesn’t respect gender, age or skin type. It is a silent but annoying condition that can come up from an early age and stick around until your 50s or even further. But just because you didn’t ask for it doesn’t mean you have to live with it your whole life. If you’re trying to do something about those pimples that don’t go away you’ll find hundreds of options that go from face washes to ointments, but what’s the best choice? Keep reading to find out the most effective acne treatments around. 

What is causing you acne? 

Before we get to the good stuff, you should discover what is causing your acne. And what does it matter? It matters a lot, actually. According to specialists, acne can be traced back to four main causes: bacteria, clogged pores, excess oil production and hormones. Even though they all result in pimples and breakouts, knowing the origin of yours can help your dermatologist choose the best pimple treatment for you

Effective acne treatments 

An acne treatment can be very specific if you’re dealing with a particular condition that needs interventions such as cyst drainings or peelings. However, there are some products that have proven to be very effective to treat the most common and moderate cases of acne. Here are 4 ultra-effective components to treat acne: 

Salicylic Acid 

If you’re no stranger to acne, you’ve probably heard of this one since you were a teen. Salicylic Acid is a BHA (beta-hydroxy acid) that works wonders on dissolving excess oil found in your face, while it gently exfoliates and reduces inflammation on your breakouts. This component can dry out skin so you might want to stick to one product at a time, and it works best when applied in toners or spot-on treatments. 

Benzoyl Peroxide

One ingredient that works wonders on bacteria-caused acne is Benzoyl Peroxide. This component acts directly over P. acnes bacteria while it dries out the surface of your skin. You should be careful, however, with the concentration of these products. A high-percentage formula won’t guarantee faster results, but it will irritate your skin. 


Retinol is widely known as the perfect anti-ageing treatment, but it can also act wonders on acne. This vitamin A derivative decreases oil production, makes skin cells renew quicker, reduces inflammation and even treats post-acne side effects such as scarring and hyperpigmentation. In spite of how wondrous Retinol can be, you should use it under prescription, especially if you have other skin conditions such as dermatitis or rosacea. 


If by some reason you’re experiencing a very stubborn or severe acne and you’ve tried some (or all) the components on this list, Isotretinoin is probably your choice. Although this acne treatment is exclusively given under prescription, it acts marvelously for skin that is severely damaged by acne. This oral medicine will dry excess oil and clear out skin, but you should be aware that this treatment takes months and it should be followed carefully. 

Now you know some of the most popular and effective acne pimple treatments around. One of these components has what it takes to clear out your skin once and for all. However, if you feel like you’re experiencing a “peculiar” type of acne or if you see your over-the-counter treatment is not responding, we strongly recommend you see your dermatologist.