Genetic hair loss??

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Genetic hair loss typically seen earlier in your 40s is now being pushed to manifest much earlier due to factors like

High stress causing secretion if stress hormones and substance p

ROS accumulation due to pollution

Wrong food choices or depletion of nutrient value even in right food choices

This effect can be reversed by a well planned nutrient program and antioxidants to neutralize the ROS

Your hair fall continues even though the reasons keep changing because it’s the weaker follicles that fall for the reasons and the stronger follicles withstand the reason…

The secret lies in strengthening the follicles to reduce hair loss by giving the hair inherent strength to fight whatever comes its way ….

This can be done by a low dose well planned comprehensive cyclical nutritional regime

Not even all the hair on the scalp of the person having hair loss is affected at the same time ….some hair will fall while the surrounding hair will continue to grow …

How does the reason affecting hair loss choose which hair falls and which continues to grow …..

It’s the strength of the follicles that determines how it’s can fight the reasons and continue to grow …

Hair fact creates an environment to strengthen the follicles… Thereby reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth irrespective of causes