Avoid Fast food for skin glowing….

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Aviod fast food and accept vegetables and fruits….

wrong choices of food:

packaged food with artificial flavours appeal to the tounge, but are nutritionally empty..

chemicals and genetic modifications are being used to increase yield. the nutrition available to each fruit and vegetable decreases, as there are more numbers lying for the limited resources. Why do we not fulfill our nutrient requirements from the food we eat….

Amongst the many reasons

3. Fast food – wrong choices of food with no nutrition to negative impact food like packaged food , food with additives chemicals , colors , aerated drinks , a lot of these foods not just have no nutrition but have a negative impact index on our systems .


According to WHO due to over harvesting and faulty methods , use of chemicals , pesticides, over the years we have reduced the nutrient value of the soil by over 50% , an apple tree dividing nutrition over x apples 30 years ago is now growing 30x apples within that period , now with much lesser nutrient value ,food which uses to be available only seasonally also is now made to grow against its natural seasonal availability to serve the growing demands .

Poor nutrient value
Gut concerns

Are an outcome of wrong food choices