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Hair Analyser

Hair has an average thickness of 50 microns, which is beyond human perception to analyse! The clinic is equipped with the advanced technological advancement of a Hair Analyser, which derives the detailed hair profile of our clients and provides the most important information about their hair type and hair care! 

With the ever-changing environmental conditions, added pollution, work stress, lifestyle shift, societal pressure, hair care becomes a monotonous and time-consuming affair. Moreover, with the market flooded with a variety of products, clients often end up in confusion as to which product should suit them the best. Going for an expert’s advice is half a solution since analysing the hair in depth and deriving a rock-solid hair profile is not humanly possible. Our clinic provides you with the ultimate advancement in technological hair care and hair profiling through the artificial intelligence-based device of the Hair Analyser. 

It is important to get any hair problem diagnosed at the earliest stage to avoid situations to move beyond therapeutic control and redressal. Hair-related issues are stressful because they are directly related to self-esteem and societal pressure to seek treatment for hair care. Baffled with stress, clients are forced to try out different products, which inevitably damage the scalp owing to the chemicals and mismatch of hair products. 

At our clinic, our experts carry out a detailed examination of the client’s hair, thus predicting the underlying hair issues, the current state of the hair, the hair type, the underlying symptoms of impending hair issues, and the hair care regime based on the comprehensive report drafted by the hair analyst.

Trichology is the scientific study of hair and scalp health. With the added benefit of the AI-Hair Analyser, our clinic promises to deliver the appropriate hair care for our clients. 

Why do we need hair and scalp analysis?

1. A hair and scalp examination allows us to understand the state of hair and scalp health, the condition of your hair follicles, the density and thickness of your hair and any existing scalp-related issues. 

2. Hair loss status can be determined. Many people have different patterns of hair loss. With the Hair Analyser, our trichologists can determine which pattern matches the client and deliver the necessary redressal treatment.The high-definition magnifier in the Hair Analyser paired with the Digital User Interface allows you to get a close-up of the scalp. The scope is focused on the scalp of the client to identify the signs of dryness, scales, flakes or dandruff. The amount of oil production can also be identified by the shiny or middy appearance. The natural state of the scalp needs to be determined for the best treatment recommendation. 

3. The hair density measurement gives an idea of whether the client qualifies for average hair growth or below average hair growth. The hair density is determined by taking a close look at your scalp and counting the number of hair follicles present in a fixed area of the scalp. Hair follicles are the only source of hair growth. It is advisable to begin with the best treatment without delay because once the hair follicle is lost, regaining hair growth and scalp health is next to impossible without surgical intervention. Our clinic makes sure the clients are well informed about scalp health and ways to nourish the hair follicles with essential nutrients and antioxidants. 

4. Keratin of the scalp: The Hair Analyser device is equipped with a special blue-toned light which is used to determine the keratin deposition on the scalp. Keratin deposition on the scalp can damage your hair and must be washed and removed on a regular basis. The keratin that builds up usually ends up plugging or clogging your hair follicle and can even flake off like dandruff. Determining keratin deposition is mandatory for maintaining hair hygiene. 

5. Exposure of the scalp’s vessels is a crucial factor for hair loss control. The scalp of the client is tested for inflammation or sensitivity. If the capillaries of the client’s scalp are exposed and the client develops an itchy scalp, they are advised to take immediate action for hair care. There may be many reasons for inflammation, like genetic conditions, auto immune disorders, allergies, and sensitivity to chemicals present in hair products. Inflammation and hair loss are closely tied, and so it is advisable that the client takes precautionary steps before the need for intrusive intervention.

6. The Hair Analyser determines the hair thickness by measuring the diameter of a strand of hair. Hair diameter less than normal may be an indication of hair miniaturization, which means that the hair strand is undergoing shrinkage, eventually leading to a shrunken hair follicle, incapable of hair regrowth. Targeting the shrinkage at early stages makes it possible to address hair problems easily with superficial treatments.

7. The Hair Analyser can even determine your hair pore status. Ideally, a hair pore should be free of oil and debris, but due to excessive pollution, dust, genetic factors, and improper hair care routine, can lead to excessive oil and keratin buildup on the scalp, thus pugging and clogging your pores. Removing them is essential to maintain proper hair growth!

The Hair Analyser provides high-definition digital imagery of the client’s hair and scalp and compares them across various data point sets and parameters to predict corrective treatments at the root level. 

Our clinic trichologists advise our clients to avoid washing their hair with heavy hair care products so that the hair regains its normal state and facilitates true observation on the day of the appointment. Hair analysis should be normalised like any other routine check-up! It is important to address hair care and scalp health without waiting for aggressive symptoms, which ultimately cause hurried treatments and incorrect redressal techniques. Most cases also require surgical intervention. With the Hair Analyser, our clients can access their complete hair and scalp profile with artificial intelligence-based reports compared across millions of data sets to predict the best outcomes, which are most convenient and favourable for our clients. 

Clients must be well aware of their own hair profile at the deepest levels. Hair care is a daily routine and, with the knowledge of the complete hair profile, one can easily choose between products and hair care treatments! Moreover, technology has evolved, and now the hair care regime should not be left at the superficial level but must be supplemented with intense hair profiling!


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